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Vince Tomas


I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio on August 27th, 1989. I have always had a passion for music ever since I was little. I came from a middle class family background with a lot of love and support all around the house. I have moved all across the U.S. from Ohio, Michigan, Florida and now California. I moved out to California with the entire family when I was 15 so that we could pursue an acting and singing career in Hollywood.

I went out on a lot of castings and auditions for multiple jobs. (Seriously I have lost count lol) I was busy dealing with school, going to classes, acting classes, singing lessons, etc. (That was nothing compared to what was about to change my career and my life!) So I get a phone call really early in the morning from someone in Germany and they want me to do some test recordings over at their studio in Berlin.


So I hop on a 13 hour plane ride with my mom from LA to Berlin. I had to go to the studio as soon as I checked in at our hotel we were staying at. I did test recordings for over 4 hours (Not to mention the jet lag) and from there they asked me if I wanted to either have a solo career or replace one of the members of a successful boy band. So I said “Hey why not do the boy band, I always wanted to be in one.”


As a sixteen year old, Vincent Tomas was thrust into instant fame in Europe, as the youngest member of the Multi-Platinum Boy Band Us5. He recorded 7 hit singles and 2 albums in Berlin, Germany. His career includes accolades and awards from around the world, earning him a place in the

Grammy Recording Academy.


In 2006, Vincent Tomas joined the group Us5, created by Lou Pearlman who was responsible for creating the legends Backstreet Boys & N*SYNC. Vincent recorded his first single "I'm With You" and performed live at the D.O.M.E. in Vienna, Austria to a screaming crowd of 20,000 fans. The album "In Control Reloaded" sold millions of copies worldwide, followed by the second album "Around The World." The hit single and music video "Too Much Heaven" came as a result of the collaboration with Robin Gibb of the famed Bee Gees. Finally, the smash single and video "The Boys Are Back" from the Disney Movie, "High School Musical 3," and the official Disney Soundtrack worldwide, reaching #1 on the charts. The group toured throughout Europe and Asia, including performances at Wembley and O2 in the U.K.  As a member of US5 they won countless awards, Bravo Golden Otto, Best New Pop Group, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, Jetix, Viva Comet, Steiger Award, Vivacious Style Award, Gold & Platinum Single Awards and many more.


As a solo-artist, in 2009, Vincent released his first single "Hypnotic Body" distributed by Sony Europe. "Hypnotic Body" became the official song for the Miss Germany Pageant. Vincent’s tour included press events with

Popcorn and Madchen Magazines and Media Markt. He appeared on Kika Television and he was the headline performer for the Eurovision finale.


Vince Tomas was selected by MySpace Music

as a Featured Artist and Artist On The Rise. 


After a National Summer Tour in the U.S. with Aaron Carter,

Vince released his new single "Burn This Down."

"Burn This Down" was the #1 Most Added Single on DJ Times

and was on Top 40 National Play Charts.

In 2014, Vince Tomas returned to Europe for several performances in Germany and traveled to Denmark & Sweden to write and record music.

Vince paired up with producer/songwriter Gary Devon Dotson at NVE Records

and Universal Music Group for the release of the single and video "Selfie".

Teaming up with NVE Records again,

Vince & Gary followed up with the single"Back 2 U".

This year, Vince released "Once Again" a dance remake.

The song landed on Beatport's Top 100 Chart for 4 weeks peaking at #30

"Once Again" was #1 on Trackitdown's Top 100 charts for 8 weeks.










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